Apple Acres

Sweet Apple Acres is a family farm/orchard located near Ponyville, and primarily grows apples. Though grapes, corn, carrots, and exactly 24,567,237 blades of grass grow here as well.  


Sweet Apple Acres contains several apple orchards. The west orchard in particular was abandoned after flocks of fruit bats settled in. One grove is dedicated to growing magic Zap Apples, and Ponyville's own Cutie Mark Crusaders have a clubhouse in a tree on a secluded part of the farm.


Aside from apples two of the more popular products the Apple family produces are Granny Smith's zap apple jam, and apple cider during cider season.

Farm animals that live on Sweet Apple Acres include pigs living in the barn, a chicken coop for eggs, and sheep. Who could forget our working dog named Winona who also lives on the farm keeping the other animals under control?

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oUr apples


Nothing's sweeter than a fresh apple bucked from your own apple tree. Our apples are bucked daily to guarantee freshness, and flavour.

Our weekly barn raising events are great for helping to build strong community ties. There is never a shortage of entertainment with musical acts, and Pinkie Pie dropping by to help. 

Community ties

Music by MandoPony

By filling all of your apple needs at Sweet Apple Acres you help keep your bits in Ponyville. This builds a stronger pony economy. You'll feel good about being part of something bigger.